Venue Booking

Click the image below to view the availability of each respective venue. 

Futsal Court
Sports Hall
Plaza Basketball court
South Block Volleyball Court
Jamming Studio
Lift Lobby
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To Make a Request

*kindly ensure that your proposal is APPROVED before booking the venue. The Student Services Department reserves the right to not process the request. 

*approval will take at least 3 working days. 

*sending your venue request 3 days in advance.

*in case a request was sent before the proposal is approved, the requestor would need to send another request again. 

*booking a venue does not mean that tables, chairs or other amenities are also booked. Requestors would need to proceed to Maintenance office to make their booking. 

*making a request does not mean your venue is booked.

*if you require a setup, please do consider booking an extra time for Maintenance to do a setup. 

*to book any other venues besides the ones above, (classroom, auditorium, function room etc), please submit here as well for club/society. We would not be able to check for availability and it is not confirmed that the requested classroom will be available. We will reply via email for confirmation and changes. 

*to book any other venues besides the ones above, for class or academic projects, please do liaise with your lecturer. 

*you may only book maximum 7 venues.

*maximum of 3 hours booking per person per day for venues under SSD's supervision.  

*read the guide below for more information on how to fill up the request form. 

Sending a Request  & Approval

A. Sending a request:
Please follow this guide below on how to fill up your details and to send your request to book the venue. 





Contact Number: 0123456789

Event Name/ Booking Purpose: DEFG Members Gathering

Proposal Approved? - YES

Academic or Club & Society Event? - Club & Society Event

Please state the venue(s) you would like to book, date of usage and time:


1. Venue: Sports Hall

Date: 20/12/17

Time: 2pm - 4pm

Setup required: Yes

No of people: 20


2. Venue: Futsal Court
Date: 20/12/17

Time: 5pm - 10pm

Setup required: No

No of people: 20


3. Venue: L4-R107

Date: 20/12/17

Time: 2pm - 4pm

Setup required: Yes

No of people: 20


B. Approval:

Any request received by 5 pm on the same day will be processed on the same day. Any booking after 5 pm would be processed the next day. Once approved, you will receive an email for your usage. If necessary, please use the email for verification purposes. However, this approval does not include the setup. Please do visit the Maintenance Office, Block A, Level 2 to make your booking. Approval will take at least 3 working days. Each person can only book a maximum of 3 hours per day for venues under SSD. 



C. Other venues to book


With the submission box above, you can also apply to reserve the classroom, auditorium, function room etc. As we do not have access to view the availability of these venues, we would only receive your request and reply via the email provided for any changes and/or confirmation. 

The Student Services Department 

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